Visual Studio as a subscription - find out why it's worth it!

Visual Studio is not only an integrated development environment (IDE) by Microsoft, but also a set of additional tools which make developing software a better experience. All this is now available as a subscription model. Not only will your software always be up to date, but it is also the most popular and comfortable form of purchasing services, used for products such as Netflix, Spotify and Office 365, among others.

Visual Studio Pro 2017

Part number: C5E-01307

Model: OPEN

Payment: one-time

Updates: no updates

MSDN: no

Price: $499.00

Visual Studio Pro 2017 + MSDN + SA*

Part number: 77D-00092

Model: OPEN

Payment: one-time

Updates: for two years

MSDN: yes

Price: $1,133.00

Visual Studio Pro

Part number: 8330ee7e-073d-45b3-912a-6a6332a541fa

Model: Subscription

Payment: monthly commitment

Updates: unlimited updates

MSDN: no

Price: $39.00

*Software Assurance

By choosing a subscription, you gain more

a better price - pay less for software that is always up to date

flexibility – you can change the number of licences according to your needs

support – you can count on us when launching and configuring your licences